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XITE offers a broad range of products to bring music videos into the daily lives of consumers all around the world.

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XITE is the ultimate music video streaming service! Like and skip videos, save your favorites, search our full catalog of new and classic videos, watch themed channels, get personalized recommendations, or create your own mix.


XITE offers linear music video channels with high quality music videos served up 24/7. The channels have a wide variety of programming in genres, themes and moods.

FAST Channels

Sit back and relax with our free streaming TV channels. The music videos are hand-selected and reviewed for quality by our music curation team. The channels are refreshed daily, so no two days will ever be the same.

XITE Music

XITE Music offers a broad range of thematic audio channels, from Pop and Hip-Hop to Country Roads and Kids Disco. XITE offers it all and fully localized for each market.

Non-stop radio channels

Broadcasted 24/7

Fully localized for each market

• A broad package of audio playlists with a robust set of genres, moods, themes, and seasonality, combined with at-home listening in mind

Curated and refreshed daily by XITE’s team of music experts

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